Agri-tech and the farms of the future

Modern LED lights are now cheap enough and good enough that growing indoors has become competitive.

IoT devices and sensors are more affordable than ever. Combining the lights and sensors into intelligent systems, It’s possible to recreate a Mediterranean (or any other) environment indoors in a controlled manner.

Add to that the power of software, using AI to optimise the grow environment, to detect and combat pests, to decide when the crop is ready to harvest, to know if the plants require water or nutrients and to be able to administer whatever the plants need when they need it, you can take steps towards fully automating the growing of plants.

Now that the plants are ready for harvest, and given that we are growing in a uniform environment of which we have complete control, we can add robotics to the equation. By combining robots, cameras & other sensors with advanced software algorithms & AI we are now in a position to harvest, package and dispatch without any human intervention or human labour costs. A win not only for robots, but for plants, the environment, and ultimately all life on the planet!

The opportunities are huge, the spaces in which food can be grown in this manner are limitless. Whether in warehouses above ground, or converted mines and caves underground, to plant factories aboard boats floating on the surface of the oceans or other vessels that are below the surface harvesting wave energy to convert to electricity for the lights!

Groktor would like to be the first company to grow plants for food and recreation on another planet. Surely a vital part of colonising our solar system and exploring the galaxy!

Groktor is an official business partner of Plymouth university.