Got the skills?

Level up!

We're always looking for other talented individuals to join our team. You're a senior, mid, junior, whatever your level, it's more important to us that you are humble and still hungry to learn more and improve yourself, and help your team to improve at the same time.

Most of us are Polyglots, and we code in a bunch of different languages proficiently. This allows us more freedom to always choose the best tool for the job

If you're a developer then do yourself a favour and read Clean code.

Mobile Developers

We're working with Android and iOS at all times and have a number of projects ongoing.

Swift & Kotlin are the languages we use. Keep it native. Keep it simple. Keep it fast. Keep code readable & clean.

The apps we develop don't live in isolation, they are all clients and have a server element. You should know about how the server works in broad terms. It's not neccessary to understand all the server code, but it's an advantage if you do.

Backend Developers

A-sync, non-blocking, efficient services support everythign that we do.

TypeScript and Nodejs give us a good foundation for fast and scalable services, Redis pub/sub messaging allows super-fast scaling across processes, Mongo provides a quick storage solution for transient data, and PSQL stores the data with a longer life expectency.

Basic Big O, you should know the difference between O(n^2) and O(n log n) solutions.

Frontend Developers

A lot of cross-over now between frontend and backend thanks to the tech involved, so there is no reason now you can't do both.

Got an eye for design? bring it :) but appreciate that we still want to see design decisions proven with numbers. Sometimes an uglier design will "work" better in terms of conversions or useability.

Feel you can bring something extra to Groktor?

Please get in touch and tell us a bit about you, what tech you're interested in and where you want to take it