Who we are

If Groktor were the Wu-Tang, Josh would be RZA. A natural mind for technology and a history of delivering complex projects. When not in front of the screen, you can usually find Josh practising various different board sports, watching football or enjoying a glass of wine in the sun.
Carlos’s is an adventurous soul by nature. His ability to metamorphose in spite of any virtual terrain is a real consequence of this premise. Outside of the virtual environment he’s keen on doing music and riding a board, activities that play a good balance with his analytical mindset. He currently works with node.js for backend and swift for iOS
Ciarán knows a little bit about a lot and a lot of very little. He has worked with web technologies for 8 years in account management, sales and project management. He has a diverse range of passions, including music, dancing, traveling and football.
His journey with programming started from 2013. Almost every project he worked on was done for start-ups. Hence, a “dynamic start-up environment” is nothing new to him. Bollywood-music addict. Love to listen to great minimalist pieces when he is programming.
Perfect is passionate about mobile development, especially iOS. He stares at code till it obeys him. "I kinda love the stare though", he says. It means he's in the zone. Perfect also engages in a couple of sports; table tennis, swimming, football and of course he also loves experiencing new cultures.
A descendant of nomads, Aiganym carries her ancestors' spirit - curiosity, new experience and freedom being her compass. Maybe that`s why she has lived in 4 countries during the past 6 years. When she's not testing on multiple devices or managing project cards, you can find her enjoying mother nature - trekking or watching the sea for hours.
A Jack of all trades, fortunately also a master of some. Pick a subject, technical or musical, sit back and enjoy as Jack explains to you the details.
A master of online marketing, Emile drives traffic in his sleep.
Gaël likes to create stuff. He loves to play with colours and shaping, he has been working for 7 years as a UI & UX designer and is now a graphic artist. Illustration, Logo Design, Branding are his best skills. He likes piano, singing, standing on his hands, travelling in his van and surfing.
Dave doesn’t like to use his full name or real photo on the internet, Dave is into Crypto and security. Paranoia justified? I’ll let you decide.

What makes us great?


Team members so far from 8 different countries!


We enjoy our work enough that most of us have side-projects where we continue to learn our craft and expand our knowledge.

Outside interests

We all have various interests away from work too (We're not actually super AI robots really) some of which incldue:

  • Surfing
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Skateboarding
  • Music
  • Meditation
  • Krav Maga
  • Arcade games

Down time

Relaxing away from work with family and friends is also super important as it helps us to perform at full power when we need to.


We like to meet up as often as we can but we are location independent. We use the tools available to us to stay connected and in tune.


Keeping good communication, respecting each others time, keeping meetings short and focused, sharing responsibility for success and failure.


All of this means we have a no-blame culture where we're constantly learning, improving and growing together.

Sounds like you?

Want to join us? check out the skills we are looking for here